What can we offer you?

  • Advice regarding location, demographic situation, etc;
  • Advice about theming your product;
  • The first globlal designs are drawn up by our designers free of charge;
  • Everything is produced by us ouselves custom-made sculptures, light facilities, tapestries, fencings, etc;
  • We have various installers and air-brush artists at our disposal (both in factory and on location) who can finish off the product 100% in order to do full justice to the experience of the theme. These artists are flown in and provide custom work, so your product will be absolutely unique;
  • The protective and resistant polycoatings of all materials offer a long service life. The coating is suitable for both extreme heat and cold. For rough usage locations we also offer anti-vandal material;
  • All electronic parts such as lighting are tailored to your specifications (220 or 110 V or high-voltage current);
  • Installation: this is performed by ou own personnel at your location in a professional and reliable manner;
  • Needless to say, all our products come with an iron clad guarantee.

What should you have arrange yourself?

  • A location suitablr for your desired attractions, taking into account parking facilities, availability, surroundings, catering facilities, etc;
  • Insight into current zonal plans;
  • Insight into municipal regulations;
  • Insight into demographic details of your "service area";
  • Sufficient financing
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