Art Attack Europe the number 1 supplier of state of the art FEC games, such as GlowGolf, Time Freak and GlowBall Blaster.

What can we offer you:

Advise regarding location, demographic situation etc

Advise about theming your product

The first global designs are drawn up, free of charge, by our designers

Everything is manufactured by ourselves, custom made sculptures, light facilities, tapestries, fencings etc.

We have various installers and airbrush artists at our disposal( both in the factory annd on location)who can finish off the product for 100% in order to do full justice, to the experience of the theme. These artists are flown in and provide custom work, so your product will be absolutely unique

The proptective and resistant polycoatings of all materilas offer a long service life. The coating is suitable for extreme heat and cold. For rough usage locations we also offer anti-vandal materials

All electronic parts, such as lighting are tailored to your local specifications( 220 or 110 V or high-voltage current)

Installation: this is performed by our own staff at your location in a professional and reliable manner

Needless to say, all our products come with an iron clad guarantee

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