GlowGolf, 18 holes Glow in the Dark miniature golf completely illuminated by black light( 9,12,15 or 18 holes). The walls are completely covered with fluorescent artwork and with the use of the 3-D goggles it becomes three dimensional. The course can be decorated in many themes such as pirates, Jurassic, Space, adventure etc. It is also possible to make the GlowGolf course wheel chair accesible


Area : circa 250 m2 (2700sq.ft.) for 9 holes; 450 ( 4840sq.ft.)
Players : 4 players per hole, circa 80 players per hour (18 holes)
Age : 4 years and up
Time : 4 players per hole; 1 hour
Operating cost : low staffing costs, and maintenance free

GlowGolf is a proven entertainment concept which can serve as an addition to an existing leisure location or as a "stand alone" like in a shopping-center for example.

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