RUSH Laser Tag Arena

Art Attack is a uniquely positioned expert in the laser tag industry. Our employés have been part of building or theming over 350 laser tag arenas around the world as well as having hands-on experience in operating a laser tag center.

Art Attack was one of the pioneers in creating themed laser tag arenas and today is the fastest growing laser tag arena builder in the industry in creating new and exciting themed laser tag environments unlike anything you've seen before.

What makes RUSH master builders your best choise?

There are a number of exciting features that set our arenas apart. Some of the most important are listed below.

RUSH Laser Tag Arenas are simply more fun to play in. We create more of an adventure for the players and our arenas are modular so it's easy to switch things up when you're ready for a change.Whether it's shoot-through walls or hiding areas, ramps multi-level arenas, etc. Every arena is unique and challenging making every game fun so that the players come back again and again!

RUSH Laser Tag Arenas are the of the highest quality constructed arenas in the industry. We use PermaLINK Wall Locking System in our arena wall designs for maximum stability, durability, safety and a professional finish raising the bar for the industry standard.

Our RUSH Laser Tag Design Team will provide you with complete AutoCAD drawings of your arena and electrical layout at no additional cost! Simply hand these to your architect and contractor and you are ready to go.

All RUSH Laser Tag Arenas are built to meet local building code safety standards and meet a Class A Fire Rating. We also use the PermaLINK locking system in our arena wall designs for maximum stability, safety and a professional finish.

This is where RUSH Laser Tag Arenas really sets itself apart. Our theming expertise combined with our knowledge of laser tag arenas allows us to create truly spectacular environments for your guests to enjoy.

Imagine a laser tag arena that you can program your wall colors or program them to change color during the game. While other companies talk about LED technology in arenas.... RUSH LED Laser Tag Arenas lead the way and deliver. Call for more details today.

Experience surreal life like themed with HD graphics and images! Our HD theming process is exclusive to Art Attack (patent pending) and we are the only arena builder to offer this. Our RUSH HD Arenas create a realistic themed environments and walls graphics that are truly mind blowing! While other arena builders live in the 90's with splatter paint and screen printing. RUSH Laser Tag Arenas continue to lead the industry with technological innovative themeing solutions that will truly amaze your customers!

RUSH Laser Tag Arena Package

Our RUSH Laser Tag Arena packages include:

Entry Facade
Briefing Vesting Room Theming
3D Wall Barriers & Obstacles
Mural Painting
3D Themed Home Bases
Themed Target Housing
3D Themed Centerpiece Facade
Special effect Lighting
Fogging/Haze System
Sound System
Arena Design & Electrical Drawings
PermaLINK Locking Systems (patent pending)
DMX Lighting Packages
HD Wall Graphix (patent pending)

Upgrade or Update Your Arena!

Is your arena showing it's age? Has the WOW left your arena? Is your laser tag system costing you more than you are making?

Well, you are not alone. There are many operators around the world who are fed up with their current laser tag arena and just want out! If you are one of those people, we have an opportunity for you. Contact us for a price quote and see how easy and affordable it is to discard your old arena for a new, profitable, RUSH Laser tag Arena... or retheme and enhance your existing arena!

Flatpack Laser Tag Arena Option...

Looking for a High End Arena with a smaller budget? Are you more of a Do It Yourself type?

We have a solution for you. Introducing our Flatpack Laser Tag Arena Option... We will provide you all the main wall and base components for a laser tag arena and provide you Step By Step instructions for installation. Everything will come flat-packed for ease of shipment and is designed for easy installation. Do it Yourself and save thousands!

Taking the first step toward owning your own successful Rush Laser Tag Arena is easy! Simply get in touch and let's talk. We would be happy to provide you with more information or to discuss your specific needs.