We have developed a proven system in getting your attraction from concept to completion! This saves you enormous amounts of time as well as money while you enjoy the profits and success.

We are here to help you make your business as successful as it can be. In working with a Art Attack sales representative, you can be assured you are working with someone that has your best interests in mind and will be there step by step with you, positioning you for the greatest opportunity for success.

The primary steps on your road to turning your business idea into reality!

This is a brief review of where you are at now in your business plan, a look at whether or not it is feasible, and what you have to do to make it a reality. Listed below are some topics of discussion: 

  • Your goals and objectives for your leisure attraction 
  • Business plan review 
  • Financing review 
  • Site selection review 
  • Construction / permit review 
  • Timeline review – funding secure / lease signing? 
  • General questions and answers

At this stage, we will create a preliminary center design layout for the space you have selected. The goal here is to create the best center possible when considering use of space, budget, traffic flow, visual appeal, etc. 

We will list all attractions and services including for example a GlowGolf® course, other attractions, storage, offices, check-in counter, arcade/redemption games, party rooms, restrooms, kitchen area, tables, common area, traffic flow, capacity, etc. This will assist you, your contractors, architect, investors, bankers, landlord and everyone involved to understand exactly what needs to be done. This process also helps you to ensure there are no unexpected expenses when you start the build out phase. 

Once we come to a point where everything looks right, the next step would be to secure a local architect or contractor to address any mechanical, plumbing, structural, or electrical needs. In addition, they will be able to walk you through local codes and permit requirements as this is their area of expertise. We will of course work closely with them to make this process as smooth as possible and provide them with any information they require. 

When you are complete this stage you should basically have a solid understanding as to the feasibility of the entire project and if you want to move forward.

This is probably the most important step to date and your decisions here will affect your business for years to come. The important thing here is you choose the right companies and products and to understand your responsibilities in each agreement. 

In choosing Art Attack Europe, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you are dealing with the manufacturer. In addition, all of our agreements are written to clearly and simply list both parties’ responsibilities. You can also be assured that you are getting the best value in the industry and we can offer you multiple attraction discounts. 

For other vendor agreements, your Art Attack sales representative will be glad to assist you in reviewing these documents and even assist you in negotiations with that vendor if you would like. With our background of over 20 years in the industry we have built working relationships with other leading vendors and because of that they will often offer our customers extra discounts, saving you money. We can also steer you towards some of the more reputable companies.

Our expertise and connections in the industry are second to none and the benefits of this are FREE for all customers. 

This is really a fun stage. This is where things start to come together visually and people start getting excited.

In the example of a GlowGolf® course, we will create a thematic package for you that can consist of conceptual drawings, photos, and sometimes 3-D imaging, videos, etc. as we create the ultimate themed course.

We cover all themed elements from your entry facade, to the course murals, props, final hole lock box, hanging props and floor obstacles, etc. Listed below are some additional elements we will address at this stage:

  • Player Capacity
  • Traffic Flow 
  • ADA Requirements 
  • Prop Layout 
  • Wall Layout 
  • Electrical Layout – Sound System, Black Lights, Clean-Up Lights, Outlets, Special Effect Lighting, etc. 
  • Course Playability 
  • Emergency Exits 
  • Théme Decor
  • Wall Specifications 
  • Paint and Color Specifications 
  • Flooring Specifications 

For center designs, we can offer many of the same services. However, if you require architectural drawings for permitting (as most larger entertainment centers do) you will have to secure a local architect. We will though of course provide you with our CAD files to assist with these efforts. If you are interested in theming for the rest of your business we will also come up with some conceptual proposals for your review.

Depending on the scope of the project, fabrication of the arena and components typically takes 6-10 weeks. This is the exciting part of the project for our artisans as they see the creations come to life. Also during this time, the customer is preparing the site for installation: electrical wiring, installing walls and flooring, prepping walls in black paint, etc.

We can handle all shipping requirements from door to door and are familiar with international shipping requirements for packaging, paperwork, customs, and duty. Shipping to European countries takes 3 to 5 weeks.

Prior to our arrival we will have provided you with wall and electrical layouts for the attraction area. Assuming that is completed, the actual installation and theming process typically takes 1-2 weeks for most attractions. Larger ones may take a little longer. 

The main steps involved in the example of installing a GlowGolf® course include the painting of murals, installation of wall barriers, installation of props and floor obstacles, installation of any electrical components (sound system, effect lighting, etc.), followed by a general cleanup and testing. 

This is it! This is where you can finally experience your attraction first- hand and play a round. We will also show you how to maintain and service any items we provide and answer any questions you might have. The next step is open your business and start making money!

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