Black Light Miniature Golf is currently experiencing a phenomenal growth rate and is spreading like wildfire! GlowGolf® is the world's leading Black Light Miniature Golf manufacturer and supplier.

You may have already heard about the excellent profit potential of Black Light Miniature Golf. Many industry experts say that owners can recoup their investments really fast and that with the right location, this business is very lucrative. GlowGolf® is the best way for you to take advantage of the potential of Black Light Miniature Golf. We will stick with you every step of the way. From helping you with the site selection, to course design, to financing, to installation, to operations and customer support and much, much more! We want you to be as successfull as you can be.

The GlowGolf® System

It is important to understand the major components and features of a GlowGolf System in order to appreciate the full inherent value of the System.

As part of your purchase, our experienced design team is available to provide you with scale CAD drawings, course layout, and electrical schematics for your miniature golf course. Each GlowGolf® course is unique and challenging!

Choose from a variety of popular themes or have us create a custom theme especially for you!

The GlowGolf® system includes a wide variety of props and facades that make the game what it is: fun and exciting! All interior props and obstacles are drenched in fluorescent graphics, creating an environment that is out of this world!

The GlowGolf® course starts with the pre installation of wall panels and black lights. We will then start with installing custom curbing for the shape of the holes. The next step is laying the carpet and after that we can mount and secure a variety of 3-D props, facades, arches, etc. throughout the course.  And then you're ready for business! All components are built to be durable, safe and attractive.

This is your gateway to success! Our entryways demand attention and are a signature element of all our courses.

We fully carpet all the holes in the course with a high grade, durable carpet. For the areas in-between holes, we provide you with a multicolored glow-in-the- dark carpet.

GlowGolf's commitment to safety is taken very seriously. From lighting, to layout, to rounded edges on props, you can be sure your customers will be playing in a safe environment.

All materials used in fabrication of GlowGolf® props, arches, signs, counters, facades, curbing, flooring, carpet, etc., have been chosen with high durability in mind. We want your center to look as good in the fifth year of business as the first. Using durable materials in the fabrication process helps to achieve this goal.

Bright, easy to read, glow-in-the-dark GlowGolf® scorecards allow players to track their game and compare scores.

A GlowGolf system can be staffed by just one individual, even at peak times! This allows you to keep your expenses down and profits up!

Our Installation, Training Crews, and Service Staff are available around the clock to service our customers. From start to finish, we can have most courses fully installed in less than 3 weeks!

Our Operations and Marketing Kit contains a variety of support materials. Whether you are operating a stand-alone location or are part of a larger entertainment center, we will show you step by step how to maximize your revenues and keep your overhead in check.

Is our newest feature for Black Light Mini Golf and is a reminder why GlowGolf® continues to be an industry to lead the industry. Enhanced Video Illusion is custom video footage set into out mural paintings that brings your walls to life! A true out of this world experience that will amaze and sometimes even freak out your guests!

Course Space & Location Requirements

Estimating the amount of space or choosing the right location needed for a winning GlowGolf® center requires the consideration of several factors. Local populations, demographics, space costs, and building layout are just some of the elements that must be taken into account as part of the decision making process. There is no one formula for success. GlowGolf® can be just as successful in large and small sites, FECs, stand-alone locations, tourist areas, shopping malls, etc. The geographical location is more important than the type of location, you want to be as close to your customers as possible. The following table shows the minimum and recommended area size for 9 and 18 hole GlowGolf® systems:

Number of holesMinimum sizeRecommended size
9 holes167 m2232 m2
18 holes334 m2465 m2

Other potential space requirements you need to consider would be for:

  • Party Rooms (approx. 18 sq. m per room);
  • Food Service Area (approx. 93 sq. m);
  • Arcade (approx. 186 sq. m).

Adding any of these increases your investment as well as your return on that investment!

Making Money Requires…

We understand that simply getting started can be part of the problem. Sometimes it seems that there are so many details that it can be overwhelming. That is because many people don't know where to begin. Many others have good ideas but have trouble raising the money.

Successful business owners have overcome these obstacles by taking simple, logical steps that led them directly into launching their new venture. That is the service we will help you with. You can easily work with us to take each little step, checkout our roadmap!

GlowGolf Marketing Kit

The GlowGolf Marketing Kit describes effective strategies aimed at generating the business you need for long term success. Listed below is a sample of what is included in the marketing kit.

Advertising Samples
Promotional Ideas
Cross Promotions with Other Businesses
Corporate Events
Press Releases
Protected area
Taking the first step toward owning your own successful GlowGolf® is easy! Simply get in touch and let's talk. We would be happy to provide you with more information or to discuss your specific needs.